Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How Sac Treasure Hunt 4 Ended...

The drama and suspense of another Sac Treasure Hunt came to an end on Saturday morning, July 24th, at a small little school in Roseville. Yes, Roseville!

Why the daily clues threw most hunters into a scurry around parks and museums in Sacramento, it wasn't until the Saturday morning tweet of "152 acres...." convinced the hardcore hunters that they were in the wrong city!

STH4 ended at Maidu Elementary School in Roseville, which is located right next to Maidu Regional park.

Over 30 people, mostly new players, found the secret location within an hour's time, but only the first 12 were given the opportunity to try and see if a key fit the treasure chest lock and all the riches were theirs to be had!

The video of the ending is now posted on our STH youtube page to watch, enjoy the fun and see if you know anyone in the video!

So how did all the clues equal the secret location you ask? Well we stepped it up a notch this time, but here's how the thinking went!

1st Clue: Flower
Answer: Singular on purpose, as in "one" flower which meant "Rose" as in the city of Roseville and that the logo of the city has "one" Rose within it.(This first clue definitely had people thinking about parks and gardens in Sacramento area)

2nd Clue: Museum
Answer: A vague clue for sure, but if you got Roseville figured out on Monday then it was just a matter of eliminating the museums within Roseville now.(This clue seemed to solidify the city of Sacramento as the secret location for most players with all its museums)

3rd Clue: Events
Answer: Another clue that is vague in nature, but many events are held at the secret location and it's neighboring park. (This clue could have been used for any location for the most part, and that is why it was, to keep people guessing!)

4th Clue: Learn
Answer: Once again if you had narrowed it down to Roseville by now, Maidu Regional Park contains a Library as well and down the street is the Elementary School. (Once again a clue that left many still thinking a park or museum in Sacramento)

5th Clue: Well Lighted
Answer: The controversial clue...did I mean "lighted" or "lit". During the day or at night? Maidu Regional Park and the Elementary School are "well-lighted" to say the least and it says so on the website!

Last clue: 152 acres + Miami Vice + Salad Dressing + where little ones learn
Answer: 152 acres is the size of Maidu Regional park (Roseville), Maidu Elementary school is located on Johnson (Don Johnson for Miami Vice) Ranch (Salad Dressing) Road and where little ones learn (Elementary School).

It was a mad rush to the end as several people were in Sacramento and then Maidu Park before they realized it was the at the Elementary School next door. Two words for those in cars: SLOW DOWN!

Congrats to the 12 winners, as they found the pirate in themselves, and all left with great prizes from our prize sponsors! For all those who did not find the secret location this time, there's a new STH coming in October, so stay tuned!

Thanks to all those who participated and supported STH5 on twitter with daily tweets and RT's! Greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to our generous and local prize sponsors: Smashburger, Quick Quack Car Wash, Jiffy Lube, Sacramento River Cats, Grange Restaurant, SacTown Magazine, Springhill Suites, Sacramento Zoo and the Sac Mountain Lions.

...and remember the secret location can be anywhere within a 36 mile radius of Downtown Sacramento!

Until next time...

STH Team